Friday, September 11, 2009

Batter Up...

I know that you have all missed my baseball updates. It seems like just last week I had to update on Conner and his games. Well Saturday we will be heading out once again for baseball games. I love it!!

Conner is playing with a group of boys from his high school. Just about all of them are Freshman and all are great ball players! The team is not affiliated with the high school at all so we have to do tournaments. I am a little nervous about this but I know they will all have a lot of fun. They all seem to mesh really well considering some of the kids have never played together. Conner knows a good number of the boys and have since they were in early elementary school.

I will be sure to update about the weekend and how he does as I can. As for now, I need to get going. I can hear fussy pants crying in her crib and we need to head out to buy Conner some new gray baseball pants since all of his are way too small. Will he ever stop growing?

Avery starts lacrosse on Thursday so then you all get to really be hit with a lot of sports talk!!

But for now.. have a great weekend

GO #4

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