Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Afternoon...

When we picked the boys up at 3pm from their dads house we headed up to Atlanta to have Christmas with my family. It is so nice that the farthest we have to drive for a gathering is about 40 minutes. When we got there the house was packed! It is always crazy when you have this many celebrating!

Here is the whole group. It is not easy getting this many to cooperate when taking a picture.

Here are the grand kids and the great grand kids. Aren't they cute?!?! The oldest in the picture is about 29 (I think) and the youngest is Kennedi at 16 months. These are the ones that I wrote This post about. What a group!

Here are the two that started it all.

The little kids were about to play outside since the weather was good. They had so much fun playing together. There is only about 12 months difference between the oldest of the three babies and the youngest.

We had a great meal with a TON of food! After that we exchanged some gifts and the kids did a white elephant gift exchange. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I did not get any pictures of that. It was pretty funny to watch. I hope this becomes a yearly thing on Christmas! I already have ideas for next year's gifts.

Kennedi opening one of her gifts.

It was a wonderful day! And at the end we still had to get home to do one more Christmas. At this point it was after 7 and the boys had not opened any of their gifts at home. We said our good-byes and then headed home for Christmas celebration #3 of the day.

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