Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kennedi is doing so much!!

Wow, she is getting so big and way too fast. I do not remember the boys growing this quickly!!

Now she is....

*20 months old
*signing about 45 words (maybe more)
*repeating many words (guess its time to watch what we say)
*is a very picky eater
*loves sweets
*can run, jump, hop like a bunny and climb up just about anything
*goes NUTS when she sees anything Dora
*does not like to go to bed (I guess she doesn't want to miss anything)
*plays with her baby dolls (and is such a good mommy until she drop them on their head)
*loves her brothers and is now saying A-E (Avery) all the time (Conner is trying so hard to get her to say Conner)
*loves animals
*has gone to the bathroom on her potty 3 times
*is VERY stubborn (we are not saying where she gets that from)

....and seems to do something new everyday!!

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