Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lots to catch up on!!!

I guess I have been a little bad about keeping up with the blog.... So bad indeed that I do not know what to catch up on and what to just pass over.... hmmmm

Lets see.... the days since the 4th have gone like this.....

No baby... YET!!!

Avery ended up in the ER due to an airsoft mishap. Talk about Deja Vu... remember this??? At least this time it was the lip and not the teeth. And, thankfully Chris was able to put him back together in no time.

And... yes he did have a mask on!!! Apparently he fell and the mask came off and the friend came around the corner and shot (not knowing the mask was off).

And Avery being the great kid he is was bleeding (proof was on the driveway), told him friend to get a towel, went into the basement and stopped the bleeding before he told me. He was so calm when he came up to show me. Surprisingly, I was too!!

Our conversation went like this....
Me: Avery I am not sure the pellet is out of your lip
Avery: Yes mom, its out. I pulled it out myself
Me: oh lovely! You mean you have been downstairs for awhile?
Avery: Yes, I wanted to stop the bleeding so you didn't freak out! (good call)

And then we called Chris who was at work and I decided it was better to take him in to be sure if he needed stitches or not.... of course he did!

He did amazingly well while Chris stitched him up. I was so proud of him. The last time he had stitches it took 5 people to hold him down. This time it did not take anyone. He has grown up so much!

Here is Chris doing a great job on Avery!!

He ended up with 3 stitches in his lip/face. The good thing is that they came out this past Wednesday before I put the boys on a plane for my family vacation.

..... oh yea, that is another thing that has happened. The boys flew for the first time without me! Well they were with my sister and some of her kids but I was not there. It was a sad moment for me.

I have talked to them a few times since they have been at the beach and they are having a great time. I will try to get pictures and post at some point....

Well I guess that is all for now. Hopefully there will be a baby update soon!!!

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