Friday, February 18, 2011

From Patrice's blog....

One of the blogs that I read and have for over a year now is Patrice's and most of the time it talks about her son Jonah who has a condition called EB. Such a sweet and adorable baby but this time she writes about something else.

Anton is a baby (not much older than Ryleigh) in Russia who is adoptable but does not have much time. He has the same condition as Jonah so Patrice is really trying to help Anton find a home. I had tears reading about Anton, Chris and I have often talked about adopting or fostering a special needs child/children so this story really got to me. We were getting ready to persue the idea when we found out that we were pregnant with Ryleigh so that idea has been put on hold for awhile but hopefully not forever. Even though it's not the right time for us but maybe it is the right time for someone out there or someone you know.

You can read all about Anton here. While you are there you can read all about Jonah too. I love the things he is doing and how he is really beating the odds!!

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