Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Latest Addictions...

So I do not mean addiction in a bad sense but lately they are...

**As of last night when I started mine is Words with Friends... wow but I am so bad at it. I thought that Angry Birds was bad but this game is addicting!

**Starbucks, I have controlled this one a lot since November when I was there just about everyday! Yup maybe 6 days that month I did not get my latte (and a snack). Now that I bought a Tassimo I am hoping it will be a good substitute for Starbucks.

**Jersey Shore... That show is like a train wreck. You know it is going to be horrible but you just can't stop watching.

**cookies... wow since #4 was born I have had the worst sweet tooth! I have always had one but now it is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E.

**Shoes but not for me. Shoes for a certain 2 year old in the house. Really what 2 year old needs shoes in every color for her many outfits? Apparently mine does. I can't wait until summer hits in full swing so it is flip flops (much cheaper).

Whew, I think I will stop there. I am sure that Chris could add a few more to the list for me so I do not think I will ask him.

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