Sunday, March 6, 2011


Last night was Confirmation at our church. Thirty 10th graders were in the group and what a great group it is!

The Arch Bishop came down to confirm the kids and let me tell ya. This guy is amazing! I paid attention the entire mass. With my ADD that is a miraculous thing! He is Hilarious!!! The kids loved him and I am so happy that he was the one who Confirmed the C-man.

I did not get any pictures of him in his red gown. Hopefully the person they hired to take pictures got individual pics of the kids in their gown and, hopefully that picture turned out great!

Here are few that I did get... I also failed to get one of C and his grandparents (my parents). It would have also been nice to have gotten C with his other grandparents that were there and my parents but that did not happen either. But this is what I DO have.....

The only picture I have of C by himself. Actually it was not even by himself, he was in with me but there was a bad shadow over me so I cropped it out. Love the big smile and how he is NOT trying to act goofy. Another rare occasion for a good picture!

Typical family picture right now.... finger in the toddler's nose! Can't wait for that to pass!!

Here is a pretty decent one of C, Chris and myself.

Not too many of these exist in the world... C and me.

C with his Aunt and Godmother (my sister)

Here he is with the most hilarious man!! The archbishop!

After that the arch bishop called K over for a picture of her and her brother. It would have been cool to get a picture of C and all his sisters and brothers with him but none were to be found except this one. I love C HUGE smile in this picture!

It was a great Confirmation Day and a wonderful mass. Special thanks to C's awesome sponsor who we will call Ms. K. She is wonderful and so happy that C chose her to be his sponsor on this path to this special day.

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