Sunday, March 9, 2008

What a Weekend!!

Whew… it’s Sunday and what a productive weekend it was!! At the end of last week we finally decided on and ordered the Furniture for the nursery. A few weeks ago we traveled up to Georgia Baby and looked at everything. When we left I think we had narrowed down our choice to about a dozen different selections. We had a job on our hands. We went home, researched, measured the room and did a lot of thinking. I think I did more thinking than Chris, he is pretty flexible and I can talk myself out of buying anything. By the time we had the sonogram and confirmed that we were having a girl we had narrowed it down to 3 choices.

Finally I told Chris which one to get, since he said he was not making the decision. And then I told him to order it fast before I changed my mind AGAIN! He got everything picked out and ordered. We are hoping that we will be able to go get everything this weekend and get the nursery all set up. We did go a little over budget with the furniture but we are thinking in the long run we are saving some money. We picked out a crib that will convert to her toddler bed and then into her full sized bed. Hopefully this will last her until she leaves for college. Well, that is IF she moves out when its time for her to go to college but that is a long way away.

Saturday we had a little situation with the weather and when Chris was on his way to work he had my car and slid off the road and ended up in a ditch. He and the car are fine but the tires were not! We ended up having to get a new set of tired for my car, these were long overdue. Anyway, he was not able to go to work and since the weather was bad all games that I had planned on going to were cancelled. We decided that we should be productive with our time and we went to the outlets while my car was getting worked on. I had always said that IF I ever had a little girl 1) she was NOT going to be prissy and 2) I was NOT going to buy her a lot of pink. Ok well I still say she is NOT going to be prissy. I can’t say anything about pink. She has more pink already then I have ever seen in my life. And she is not going to even be here for another 4 months or so. I have vowed not to buy her another article of clothing for at least a month. I am not sure I can go through with that but I am going to try.

After that we went to Babies R Us and picked up her bedding set. It is so cute!! Little ladybugs, which is appropriate for our house if any of you saw it when we moved in. For those that didn’t, we had close to a thousand ladybugs congregating by the windows in our family room. It was a mess and we still have one here and there but nothing like it was. I guess we feel that the house will now always have a cute little ladybug around. The boys are just hoping that Chris will not call the baby ladybug out in public like he says he will. Kennedi is going to be her Daddy’s little ladybug.

Well I guess that wraps up this weekend. I hope that I can post pictures next weekend of the nursery!! Now to go change the laundry… I love the smell of Dreft!!!

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Jan said...

You guys are so funny. I just can't imagine Chris in all that pink and ladybugs. :) I am sure it is a little off for you too since you have boys. I can't imagine adding pink to my house at this point. I am very excited for both of you and your family. Hopefully, at some point we will get a chance to get together.