Friday, March 28, 2008

YEAH!! It’s Friday… There is not much to report on my end. I am now a little over 20 weeks (20 weeks and 3 days to be exact) which means I can count down instead of up. I don’t think that will help the time pass any faster. I already feel like I have been pregnant for 3 years. I have my next doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and that is when we will have the 20 week ultrasound. Since we already know it’s a girl that excitement is gone but I am excited about all the measurements. Right now I read a lot and know about how big she might be but I can’t wait to see the ultrasound and get her measurements actual measurements. I am praying that she is going to be really little all the way through so I don’t have to deliver another baby that is just under 9lbs. By the way she moves and kicks she seems pretty long and strong already. I am not looking forward to when she gets a lot bigger and does not have a lot of room but still feels the need to stretch out. I did that with one child and I felt him kick my back teeth (he was like 23in at birth). At least she is sweet and sleeps through the night already! I just hope she keeps that up at birth! I feel her moving all day and then at night she settles in for a good sleep.

Chris got his excitement yesterday. I have been feeling her move for about 5 weeks now and whenever she feels his hand (or anyone else’s) she stops. Well I was laying down yesterday morning and he finally felt her move. Of course she was trying to kick his hand off my stomach but at least he felt her. The same thing happened this morning. Two days in a row!! WOOHOO…. Chris did say that she felt like she was going to be a kicker like her mommy. Maybe I will get a soccer player yet!!

As far as me, I am starting to feel better, I get sick every morning. Poor Chris, he gets home from work about midnight or so and takes a little while to wind down and get settled. Well that is what he says; I am out like a light at that point. And then about 6 hours later he wakes up to me getting sick. What a wonderful way to start his day!! He has been great through all of that. He always asks if I am ok. And well, I do my best to give a sweet answer instead of what I really want to say to him sometimes. I just try to give him the, “I’m as good as I am any other morning” line. It seems to work. And then he rolls over and goes back to sleep. Must be nice!! There are days where my energy level is up and I can clean and clean and clean. Then there are other days that I don’t know if I will make it through because I am so tired and can’t sleep enough. I wish my energy level would stay up more consistently. But between the late 8pm baseball games with Conner and then practices, pitching lessons and lacrosse games with Avery, there are not too many days that I can go home from work and take a decent nap.

I am still doing a great job as far as buying things, or not buying them I guess I should say. Since we got the nursery done, I have not bought anything else!! I feel like we have accomplished something big and my goal was to be able to go until the end of the month with no new items and I think I may do it!! Well I guess that wraps things up for now. I can’t wait until I get further along and things start to happen. Then I can write more often. I will get back on this week and update about the doctors appointment and ultrasound..


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