Thursday, April 3, 2008


Chris and I went yesterday for our 20 week doctor’s appointment and ultrasound. I was a week behind because I am actually 21 weeks and a few days. The first thing they did was the ultrasound. I was happy to hear when I got there that you no longer have to have a full bladder! That was almost the best news of the day because at that point I was miserable. We went back to the ultrasound room and got to look at many different angles of the baby. We got more great news at that time.... 1) there is only one baby still. You may laugh but I have had dreams about this and 2) She is still a girl!!! Another theme of many dreams.

Chris enjoyed the ultraound a lot more because he knew what he was looking at. I had to have most things pointed out to me. They went through all the organs and did lots of measurements. I guess I should have had Chris write this entry since I can not remember half of what they measured and why. I do remember that she is 1lb and that he femur was pretty long. The sonographer said that she was PERFECT!! Now she is my child so was there ever any doubt on that???

They did not change my due date but the ultrasound had it set as 08/08/08 . That is only 4 days off of what they thought originally. Chris and I had said right along how cool that would be to have her born on 08/08/08 but then I am sure the hospital will be packed with people wanting to enduce and having c-sections on that day for the same reason. I guess if she comes then that’s great but I think a week or so earlier would be wonderful!!

As for me, I am moving right along with things. I gained a few pounds this month but they said it was ok because I did not gain any the time before that. My blood pressure was excellent which I think is great since they took it right after I saw my weight. I go back in 4 weeks for my 25 week appointment. WOW 25 weeks sounds like it’s so far along but it’s also still so far away! Time really passes slow when you are pregnant!

I guess that is all to report. Here are some pictures of the ultrasound. We do not have a scanner so it maybe a little blurry from the phone….

aww what a cute little face...

she was moving so much it was hard to get a good foot shot

great shot of the side of her leg.
Daddy thinks she is going to be a great kicker!!

She is still a little girl!!

profile shot

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