Friday, May 30, 2008

29 weeks down.. only 11 to go...

Well I am a little over 29 weeks now.. only 11 to go!! If she is nice maybe only 8 more to go. As long as it is after the 19th of July when I am back home from the beach!!

I had my doctors appointment on Wednesday. It was the dreaded glucose test.. YUCK! Chris was able to go to this one, he was thrilled since he wants to be at all of the appointments. I was not as thrilled since he tells on me all the time!! The best news I got that day was that I had only gained 2 pounds and my blood pressure was 120/70. YEAH!!! Lets hope it is that way the rest of the time (or even less).

So.. I went in and drank my wonderful tasting orange drink and then an hour later had to get my blood drawn... In the meantime we had our appointment. Kennedi's heart rate was 136 (i think) and I measured right on at 29cm. I guess she is not as big as I thought she was right now. The way she kicks and moves she feels a lot bigger than she should be.

The nurse asked if there were any questions and of course I said no. I was not going to tell her about the contractions that I have had thinking it was no big deal. Well Chris spilled those beans! thanks a lot! Anyway, they said it was ok as long as they stopped when I drank water and put my legs up. So far they have and I have not had any in a few days. But why would Chris stop there? He also went on to tell the doctor about my travel plans this summer. I will be gone for 2 weeks in July and when I get home I will be about 3 1/2 from my delivery date. The doctor was not thrilled about it but Chris told her that he had tried to talk me out of it and it was not going to happen. She asked me what I would do if I had the baby 4 weeks early and had to spend extra days up there. Now lets see... if the baby is healthy and 4 weeks early and I deliver up there and have to stay there a few extra days.. AT THE BEACH!!! gee .. what would I do?!?! But I do not think that will happen. I had one 3 weeks early but the one after that was stubborn and was only a day early. Since I want her to come early I figure she will be a week or so LATE!

Well I guess that is all for the updates. We are slowing getting everything we need and getting her room set up. If only we could find a cradle for when she comes home! I think after that I will be a little more relaxed. As of now she will go straight to her crib, which would not be bad if she slept through the night right away (like Avery did most nights) but walking into the other room to get her ... No thanks!!

I got the call from my doctor yesterday and my 1 hour came back great but my iron is low. So off I go to the drug store to get an iron supplement!! I now go back to the doctor every 2 weeks so the updates will be a little more frequent.

Until then...... have a great summer!!

Tara and Chris.

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