Wednesday, June 11, 2008

update and showers

Hey everyone… well I am 31 weeks and one day according to our calculations… as of today we only have about 62 days to go. We do not go to the doctor until Friday but I wanted to send a quick update about the past few weeks.

Mom and my sisters had a baby shower for Chris and me a few weeks ago. I was waiting to bog about it until I got some pictures to post. My computer died so I had to wait until I got it back. We got a lot of really cute clothe. Now Kennedi’s closet if officially full. We do not need another outfit for her that is under 12 month. We also got the diaper pail, stroller system and many of the ladybug accessories for her room.

A few days after that, I had my shower at work, Again we got so much that we needed. We got the rain forest jumparoo which I know she will love, lots of diapers and wipes and of course more clothes. We also got the boppy and a cover. We are now almost ready for Kennedi to be here and that we have most of the essentials at this point.

It amazes me how technical some of the baby things are. It took me about 30 minutes to figure out how the lid went on the diaper pail. Usually I have a ton of common sense but it seems that since I have been pregnant that has gone out the window. I just hope it comes back when the baby is here.

We also had Chris’ son Dakota two weeks ago for the week. He is 41/2 and seems to be really excited about his sister being here. We took him out and bought him some kid’s books about a baby and being a big brother. He did a lot of asking about when Kendi (as he calls her) will be here. At four he has no idea as far as time frame.

I am also in the progress of having the nursery painted. Becca came over yesterday and drew out the scene on the wall. She is in there as I type painting part of the scene. It looks so cute so far and it’s exactly like the theme of the room. I can’t wait until it is all done and I will be sure to post pictures of the completed project.

Well that is all until Friday. Here are some of the pictures from the shower all the gifts we got… enjoy!!

The diaper cake my sister made...

crocheted hats my sister in law makes...

the 2 hats that I chose... WAR EAGLE!!

some of the outfits and books

here are some of the gifts before opening...

the rug that matches the room...

A dress from my niece and nephew.. LOVE IT!!


what a cute outfit..

her first bathrobe...

and matching slippers....

her 1st bikini.. IF Chris ever lets her wear it.

burp cloth... how cute!!

infant seat to the stroller

the jumparoo!!

And some pictures of the room so far....

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Will and Tai Boos said...

Don't you just love getting cute little girl outfits?!?! I hope your pregnancy is going well. It's such a special time. Let me know if you need anything.