Friday, August 8, 2008

What an update!!!

Wow.... this is going to be a good one...


Kennedi Megan Pitts arrived at 5:26pm on August 7, 2008. I guess the doctors were right because she weighed in at 8lbs 14oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. Thank goodness for epidurals!! Now after having one I really wonder how I went through 2 deliveries without one. I really was crazy!!!

She is absolutely the most beautiful little girl. She looks a lot like her daddy!! She got his cheeks.

How it happened.... ha ha well I am sure most of you know how it happens but I mean the start of labor. I was at work yesterday and Chris talked me into calling my doctor about a question that I had about my water leaking. So of course, I always listen to him and I called. Well they told me to head over to the hospital and be monitored. When I got there, they checked me to see if my water had broken, it had not broken but was leaking so they decided to go ahead and break it. They did that at about 145pm and started me on some pitocin about 200pm. By 529pm Kennedi was here!! YEAH!!!

I had not had a long labor with any of my kids but this one was the quickest (and I liked that)!! Avery is so proud to be able to say he is still my biggest baby. He has Kennedi beat by one ounce. That is really a record that I would rather not try to beat!!

She did great last night in the hospital. Two different times she slept for 4 hours between feedings. It was wonderful but also something that I know we should not get used to. I am sure that wont last.

We were discharged this evening and got home a little while ago. The hospital was great but there is no place like home!!!

I am going to download some pictures tonight and post them tomorrow I am sure. I will probably write more later but right now I have a little girl that is crying and probably wants to eat!!

Tara and Chris

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Olivia said...

I just remember seeing you at the cafeteria door one minute, then having Avery in the lunch line and asking him if he thought his baby sister would ever come. He was practically hopping up and down and grinning from ear to ear, trying very hard to contain himself and said "She's in labor!!!". I thought he was kidding becuase I had just seen you but on second glance at his excitement I knew he was beside himself with excitement. I hope she gets out of that contraption soon, she's truly beautiful!