Sunday, November 16, 2008

A bittersweet weekend...

Wow, This weekend flew by!! It was a great weekend but like the title said, it was bittersweet (for me at least).

This weekend (Saturday) marked the 1 year anniversary for Chris and I. We had a such a big celebration.. well big for Chris at least (enter bittersweet here for me)! We celebrated by going to the Auburn-Georgia football game. What a huge game it always is and being that Chris and I are not fans of the same team we knew going into it that it was going to be a bad day for one of us. I was hoping that one would be him of course but it wasn't. I can't say that either team played well (because Auburn really has not played well all year) but it was a great game. I thought for a few minutes (and only a few) that maybe Auburn would come out on top. The weather was pretty good, the rain cleared out and there was a breeze (a some points it was more like a wind) but it was bearable. This weekend was the last home game for Auburn which meant the last of our season tickets. Of course I left the game saying I was not going to waste money on tickets next year but I am sure that will not be the case once I start to miss football again.

We left Kennedi at home for this game. She was in good hands at her Aunt Barbie and Uncle Chuck's house. She was able to play with her cousins Caitlyn and Natalie but I still missed her a ton! I got a few pictures of her having a great time so that helped a little.It was really kinda hard to have a good time without her there with us. I am amazed at how many people got to know her this fall at the games. We were asked by many people where the baby was. Some of these were people we talked to each game and others I did not recognize at all!

Well time to get ready for the week of work. I have 5 days left until I am home full time again. I cant wait to be home but I really am going to miss the kids at work and of course those I work with!!

Here are some pictures of Kennedi while over at Barbie and Chuck's house...

what a pretty girl!!

Kennedi and Caitlyn


Go DAWGS... Barbie had to do it just to be fair (it WONT happen again!!)

she is back to WAR EAGLE!!

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