Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and a busy weekend!

I can not believe that it is already Thanksgiving... well a few days after. I meant to post on Thursday but it was such a busy day and the kids and I got home late and I was exhausted. Then I planned on updating Friday and well it was pretty much the same scenario. Here it is Sunday afternoon and I am just sitting down to update. I figure I better do it now since Kennedi is asleep in the swing. Not only is she asleep but she is snoring pretty loudly.

As I said before, Thursday was a busy day. I picked the boys up at 8am and we came back to the house for a few hours. I was able to get some things together to take to our Thanksgiving dinner at my brothers house. We left soon after and headed out for a day of family fun. Chris was not able to join us this year which was a bummer but at least now he does not have to work for the next 2 Thanksgivings.
We went to Rick and Beth's house which was a blast! Kennedi got to meet two of her cousins that had not seen her since they are out of state for school. She loved being spoiled and held all day. It did not take long after we got there for Kelly to grab her up. Here is the first picture of cousins Kelly and Kennedi. Kennedi loved the attention from her cousins!!

Conner and Avery were relaxing before a great dinner!

This is another great shot with Kennedi and her... hmm... cousin-in-law maybe??? Well whatever they are it is a great picture of Kennedi and Bobby minus the Georgia hat.

The entire day was great! There was a lot of extended family there. Both sides of my brother and sister-in-laws family comes together each year for this feast.

Rick is the resident turkey carver. He is dangerous with that knife! You make one false move and try to grab a bite to early and Chris maybe treating you to some complimentary stitches.
Like always, the food was wonderful and I think many of us would agree that we ate too much!

Here is a great "after dinner" shot of dad. Actually this is pretty much and all the time look for Dad. He is able to fall asleep anytime, anywhere!! I have a few other good after dinner pictures but will spare Kevin and David-this time.

Here is one of Kennedi and her Godfather... Uncle Rick.
When it was all over Kennedi was wiped out!!

OK this is a picture that I had to add because it was such a great mother-daughter photo of Beth and Kelly.

Friday came and went quickly!! I got up (but not at the crack of dawn like most years) and was determined to get the bulk of my shopping done. I was so sucessful!! Kennedi and I shopped and shopped all day. She was so good, I think I have a little shopper on my hands. I am extremely happy about that since Conner and Avery HATE to shop! They are typical boys and do not like the thought of going from store to store. The rest of the weekend has been spent putting up some decorations and then wrapping all the gifts that have been bought. Now I feel like I am caught up with the Christmas season!!

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