Monday, December 8, 2008

4 months old already!

I can't believe it, yesterday was Kennedi's 4 month birthday. I was going to make her some cupcakes to celebrate but being that she can not eat them yet her brothers and I made a gingerbread house instead. It was very cute. I have to take some pictures of the finished product and post them.
Kennedi is getting big. She is starting to outgrow some of her 3-6 month clothes and is in a lot of her 6-9 month. She is very long!! She eats like a little piglet. I will feed her and then she will eat some cereal of veggis and then after that she will still take about a 4 oz bottle! PIG! She is getting the hang of solid foods. I believe that carrots are NOT her favorite! When we feed her sweet potatoes and squash she eats them so much better. She has yet to try to spit those back at me when they are in her mouth like she does the carrots. I guess after a few days of carrots we move up to the green vegis. Oh yeah!
She does not go to the doctor until the 19th so I am not sure what she weighs or how long she is.
Here is a picture of her the day before her 4 month birthday!
We did have a first this weekend... we had family pictures taken. Sadly we were missing Dakota in them but maybe one of these days we will be able to get ALL the kids at the same time and get a complete one taken.
I have to make a plug now for Portrait Innovations. They were amazing! All the pictures turned out really well and they were priced great. We have a ton of pictures from the day. Needless to say we will be going back there for more pictures!
The morning of the pictures was a stressful time and of course when they were being taken I was worried about what they would look like. Those of you who know my kids know why. I halfway expected my kids to pull out some bright sunglasses and have them in some pictures. They were very good during the whole thing and they even looked like they liked each other a little bit in the ones of the two of them. see.....
I absolutely love this picture of my 3 favorite young people (almost said 3 favorite people but Chris is not in this one)..... Kennedi did great and the boys held their smiles so long to get Kenendi looking at the camera. This was after they were arguing over who got to hold Kennedi during the pictures. Whew when she is around they both want to be the caregivers! I am still waiting for Conner to change a diaper but Avery has changed several (volunteered to do it). They all look so sweet and innocent in this one. We all know that is far from the truth! The great thing about this picture is that I have the same one of Conner and Avery when they were really little. I have to dig it up and make sure I frame them together. I cant say enough how proud I am of how they were during these picture!! I have two of the best boys ever (most of the time)...What a great family! Chris even got his way this time and we had pictures taken of just the two of us. We had not had this done yet so I said OK. It will probably be the last for awhile being that I HATE getting my picture taken! After that we got the tree so I think now we are all ready for Christmas. I can't wait for the kids to be out of school again for awhile. I am worn out from project after project after project. I need a break! I am sure all the teachers do too!

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