Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cute Kennedi video

This is hilarious... Kennedi is such a giggler. Well in this video she is more than giggling, she is cracking cracking up. The boys had just gotten off the bus and went over to greet Kennedi. Conner took one of her dolls and started to make the noise you hear on the video while punching the doll and letting the doll fly. I warned him that if he were to do the same thing in about 4 years it will make her cry. I still remember my dad taking my dolls and being all nice to them right before he would poke her in the eyes... I think I am scarred for life!! Remember that one dad?!?!?

Well enjoy the video!!

On another note THE BOYS ARE OUT OF SCHOOL FOR CHRISTMAS BREAK!! I am so excited, we have so much planned to do the next few weeks. I am sure there will be plenty of new pictures and updates.


Anonymous said...

So cute!!!

Nancy said...

I love baby laughs! I could just watch this over and over!