Friday, December 26, 2008

Kennedi's First Christmas

I don't know about all of you but I am still tired a day later!! I cant believe how exhausted I have been all day today. I wanted to write this update this morning but I just could not get myself to be productive. I hope that I can remember everything I wanted to include.
The first shock I got was on Christmas Eve. The boys and Chris were down in the basement and I was laying on the floor with Kennedi watching TV when all of a sudden she rolled over from back to stomach. This was the first time for this! A few seconds after she did that she went from stomach to back. She started that in November but I was very surprised that she did a complete roll that night.
I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I hope that Santa brought you everything on your list! I think everyone in this house did well. Apparently Santa really thought the kids were good this year. I guess looking back on the year they have been excellent kids!
It was very funny yesterday morning, Chris and I woke up about 630 and we were surprised the boys were not awake already. About 30 minutes later I heard a door open down the hall and Chris and I decided to pretend we were asleep. We heard the boys come into the room (since they are not allowed to go downstairs until everyone is ready to go down) and look at the clock. When they saw it was 7am Avery says, "lets go back to bed for a little while".... get this... the next thing we heard were 2 doors shutting down the hall! Its Christmas morning and the boys went back to bed?!?! It did not last long because about 20 minutes later the boys were back in our room getting us up.
Here are the boys getting ready to get into some presents.... Don't they look so awake!?
It was a long day from start to finish but it was so wonderful! We started out with just Chris, me and the kids at our house opening presents. Here are a few from the house in the morning.
Santa brought Conner and Avery some new cologne in their stockings. Whew now maybe we can get a break from the Axe... They also got new baseball caps. Both of my kids have been Red Sox fans since the day they were born (they get that from their dad).
Kennedi is test driving her new high chair that Santa brought her. She was not sure about it but when she realized she got to eat when she was sitting there she was good to go!
Conner is helping Kennedi open up her very first Christmas present from Santa.
Kennedi is chillin out in her jumper. We all got a kick out of her in it later in the evening. She is a wild child in that thing! She is building up those soccer legs!! Chris is checking out the wii gun and his new hunting game....
Later in the day we headed to my sisters house. We do this every Christmas but the house rotates each year. We were able to get a picture of most of the cousins. It is rare that we have all of them together on the same day....
front row L to R: Kelly, Caitlyn, Avery
Standing L to R: Taylor, Matt, Blake, David, Amanda, Natalie, Kennedi, Conner, Kevin, Bryan
It was really a great afternoon!
I did not get that many pictures of the entire day. I always bring my camera and then don't take the amount of pictures that I intend to take.
I guess that is all for now, I think its time for me to get to bed and try to catch up on some sleep sine Kennedi is in bed.
Have a great weekend!!

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