Thursday, January 1, 2009


First of all I hope that all of you had a great New Years and a fun New Year's Eve. I hope that your 2009 is safe, happy and healthy.
Chris and I brought in the new year at the house, just the three of us (since the boys were at their dads this year). He had to work until 7 last night and so we went out to eat and then straight home. It was relaxing... we were all asleep before midnight! I woke up a little after 12 and realized that we were asleep. I knew that it would happen. It was just not worth trying to stay up with a 4 month old that is sick. I guess it didn't help that Chris had to be back at work today at noon for another twelve hour shift.
Kennedi is sick for the first time. Its horrible! I feel so bad for her and can really not do a thing to make it better. I just sit and hold her a lot. She is being such a trooper for as bad as I think she feels. Luckily she has no fever but she has one ear that has gone from pink to red and her little nose keeps running then add that horrible cough that is going around. Bless her little heart! She screams at times but in the middle of a scream she will look at you with the puffy, pink, glassy eyes and just break out in a big smile. It always happens when I feel like I am going to break down and cry and that smile seems to make it all better for awhile.
Today we started her on her first dose of medicines. I hope they kick in fast and clear her ears up! Maybe when she wakes up in the morning I will see a difference. At least she is still sleeping pretty well at night.
As for the boys, they are doing great and being such a help with her. Conner is amazing how he can get her out of the car seat and take her up to bed without her waking up. I have to figure out how he does it because I sure can't. Avery will just sit and hold her and try to make her happy. I am so lucky to have these boys here to help. They are wonderful and adore their baby sister!! The newness of her has not worn off yet because there are times when they will hold her and just sit and stare at her.
Until next time.....

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