Monday, January 5, 2009

Update on Kennedi

Kennedi finally seems to be doing better. Chris woke up on Friday before he had to go to work and checked Kennedi's ears and lungs again. He called me upstairs and told me to go ahead and call the doctor to get her in that day. Well of course that worried me right away when Chris tells me to call the doctor I know something is up (but he would not tell me right away why). After he called and we had an 11am appointment, he told me that he heard her wheezing and thought it maybe going into her lungs. We took Kennedi in and they did a chest x-ray on her. That turned out OK but we were given an inhaler and told to do breathing treatments 4 times a day for the next 5 days. We are in the middle of those and it seems to be working pretty well. she still comes up with a horrible cough at times but the wheezing has left.
Kennedi is turning into a roly-poly. She rolls both ways now and Avery and Chris have finally seen it happen!! They were both pretty excited to see it. Poor Conner still has not been around when she has rolled but he doesn't seem as into her milestones as everyone else. He loves her and plays with her and when she lets out the smallest cry he runs to her but he is not into that little stuff (its not really little to those who aren't teens).
Another little thing she did yesterday was that she sat up on her own for about 30 seconds. It was great. She had some stacking blocks that I would set up and she would grab and knock over and while she was knocking them over I backed away from her a little bit. We counted to 30 before she fell!
The boys go back to school this week after 20 days or so off. It has been GREAT!! I think I am the only one that is not ready to have them in school again. We spent so much time together and they were able to see a lot of their friends. They had a blast this break and now we can't wait until summer!! This break mom watched Kennedi a few times so we could all go to the movies... 4 movies actually! We were able to see Four Christmases, Marley and Me, Bedtime Stories, and then yesterday we went to Yes Man. All were great movies in their own way. I really think grandma enjoyed watching Kennedi (and so did Papa). I think she got used to watching her a few times a week when I went back to work and since I have stayed home she has not had her. It was great for the rest of us to be able to go and watch some movies we have wanted to see also.

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