Friday, January 16, 2009


WOW time flies!!! This was taken in 2002 when Avery started to play soccer. That lasted a few years until he discovered lacrosse but that is not where I am going with this today! 12 years ago today at 11:42am, I gave birth to Avery Ray!! Wow it seems like just yesterday that the 8lb 14oz 23 inch long baby boy came into this world. Now here he is,12 years later, 6th grade and only about 68 lbs and growing older everyday. Its so wonderful and so sad at the same time.
We have his party tonight. It was a pretty much a last minute idea, he came home telling me he wanted to have his party at my house this year. I had parties for them every year and then like 2 years ago he said he wanted one at his dads house. That sounded great to me!! I got a break from the party giving but its back to having them at home this year. We have 5 of his friends coming over to spend the night and Chris and I have decided to take them bowling tonight. Sharon was here yesterday cleaning the house and I figure if the boys stay here all night the place will be a wreck. The house looks awesome so we are heading out. The plan is to be home about 9 or so and cut some cake (cookie cake of course) when we get home and then maybe settle in and watch a movie or two.
By noon tomorrow the party will be over.... bummer for Avery. He woke up so excited this morning for his birthday and his free cookie from the lunch lady at lunch today. Its cute what the kids look forward to (its the little things).
Anyway, just wanted to minutes, before I head out to get done my to do list, to say

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Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Avery!! Enjoy your cookie (that is really cute!).