Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ahh We Survived!!!

Yes, we did!! Chris and I survived Avery's birthday party with 5 of his friends staying the night!! Of course we got them out of the house right away and headed bowling. Everyone had a great time and it was so funny to see the kids singing the 80's songs that were playing. I would never have been caught dead listening to the music my parents did when I was growing up. Oh wait, my parents listened to jazz and classical and all that horrible stuff whereas I still listen to the good stuff.. ha ha, kidding mom and dad (kinda).
Anyway, on the way home we stopped at blockbuster and rented a movie for the kids to watch. We all sat around and watched the movie and the boys fell asleep eventually (I guess, I went to bed). The next morning it was FREEZING out! I mean so cold that the pipe in the master shower was frozen. It took most of the day to thaw out. Luckily we had the choice of 3 other working bathrooms to use for showers.
The boys did not seem to mind the cold, they were outside almost as soon as they woke up playing air soft. Boys will be boys!! They had a great time and there were no casualties what-so-ever. I do sit and wonder if we will ever be able to have a sleep over when Kennedi gets older that is drama free... I am putting my money on NO!

Here is the latest for Kennedi... Chris and I went shopping and while at Babies R Us we saw a walker (a car one) that was on sale. Mom wanted something for her house and does not like Kennedi to be on the floor over there. I think that is an excuse just so she can hold her the whole time but we will see now. We picked up the walker for her and of course she had to test drive it when we got to Grandma and Papa's house. She was so cute. It took her only a few minutes to start pushing buttons and turning the wheel. We put her on the hardwood floor and that is all it took. She was off to the races. She hopped and pushed herself forward and loved it... here is the video...

Well I guess it is time to get some reading done. I finished one book and started another. Chris had to go back to work today after having 2 days off. The boys just left to go to their dads house. They went a little early today so They could do some celebrating with Avery for his birthday since they were not able to come to his party. Now if Kennedi would take a little nap I would really be able to enjoy some quiet..

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