Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bath time...

I am sure one day Kennedi will kill me for this update but until then I have to post these pictures. She is just too cute! She LOVES her bath time and is really getting into playing in the water. Today Chris was bathing her before he went to work and I walked in to see her laying on her stomach. I had no idea that it was even OK to have her in like this let alone try it. She was having a blast kicking her little legs and splashing water everywhere. She would kick so hard she would move from side to side in the tub and even a few times pushed herself to the front. Chris kept moving her up just to have her start all over again.
It was funny to see all the toys in the tub with her. Of all of them her favorite is her little yellow ducky. She will spot that among all the others and reach for it.
Kennedi is starting to sit up on her own a lot more. I will put her in a sitting position with a toy in front of her and she will play for a little bit and then get lazy and fall. Avery and I were sitting on the floor with her last night and she was sitting all by herself. We could not believe it. She had to be doing it for at least 90 seconds. We both kept looking at her and then looking at each other in amazement.
She has also started on the second stage foods. I have to say she likes these a lot more than stage 1. I do not know if it is because they are thicker or tastier (I do not see how any of them are tasty) but she can't get enough. We have been going through 2 packages of them each meal. I guess that will explain the growing. We do not go back to the Dr until the 12th but Chris guessed that maybe she is about 18 pounds. That is crazy to me since Avery was 19 at a year (I just had to look at his baby book for a project of his). Kennedi will only be 6 months old on the 7th! At this rate we will not have to worry about her being a flier if she chooses to take up cheer leading (although Chris and I both hope she chooses a different sport(s)).
Well I hear her up in her crib talking so I guess her nap is up. I have been going in to find her on her stomach after naps now. Its so cute but I think it freaks her out to be flipped in her crib.
Enjoy the pictures!!

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Nancy said...

She is so stinking cute!