Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We have a sitter!!

Wow what an exciting week!! First of all the video I took today. It is so cute and Kennedi is amazing. Of course I am going to think that, she is mine!! I got this video but it does not show nearly the length that she actually sat. I put her down and she was playing with toys, I walked outside to get the mail and when I came back in she was still sitting, then I took this video until she toppled over. She would much rather sit than be on her tummy or back! Every time she falls she fusses until I put her back into the sitting position.
This week has been a pretty fussy week for Kennedi. I do not know if it is because she misses her brothers (they are at their dads house) but she has been unusually fussy. Chris thinks she is about to cut not one but two teeth! I can't see it as well as he can but he seems to think in the next few days or so we may have a tooth. I still think she is a little young for all that. Either way it would be nice to know why she is so fussy these days.

Conner and Avery are doing great! Conner has started back to baseball and has a practice game on Sunday. He is really hitting well this year! I can't wait to see him in a game setting. This is his last year in rec ball. Its hard to believe that this time next year (hopefully) we will be watching him play high school ball. Avery starts lacrosse soon. His age group has the travel league and then the middle school league. Many kids play both but Avery has decided not to play middle school ball and stick to travel. He is not ready to dedicate 5-6 days a week to lacrosse. I am good with that! I told him once he hits high school it is an everyday activity. Thankfully we have a few years for that.

This has been an eventful week for more than just the kids. Maverick, our 4 year old Belgium Shepherd went in to get fixed. Poor guy! Conner told me that I was horrible for doing that to him but hey, it was time. He is doing great! When I went in to talk to the vet yesterday about an infection he has (the dog, not the vet), I was also informed that the poor dog had a stick lodged in the roof of his mouth. I felt horrible for not knowing but the vet assured me that this is a common thing and that Maverick did not show any signs of this problem. The vet was shocked that this happened and did not see it until they went to intubate Maverick. Today he is running around like nothing ever happened to him. I am trying to keep him in a lot so that he stays calm, all I need is for him to be running in the woods and have something happen to him. I also thought that my kids were high maintenance until I saw the bill for the vet. I then realized that my dog is more than my kids! Amazing what we do for our four legged friends!!

Well I think that covers the events of this week (so far). I am sure much more could happen being that it is only Wednesday. I hope everyone has a great week!

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Nancy said...

She is so cute! I can't believe she is sitting! I hope she feels better. Maybe she is teething. Noah got his bottom 2 teeth together at 4.5 months.