Thursday, February 12, 2009

6 month baby check

Chris and I took Kennedi to Dr. J for her 6 month check. We try to guess her height and weight each time we go in to see how close we are. Just about every time Chris is the closest, he is usually only a few ounces off. This time I was closest (yeah Tara). Kennedi weighed 17 lbs 1 ounce and was 27 1/4 inches long. She is about 85% for weight and she is off the chart for height. She is my tall baby!! She got 3 shots, her poor legs look like pin cushions tonight. There is one bruise and when I took off 2 of the band-aids I could see where they bled. She has been so good today considering the shots. Of course I am sure that the Tylenol helped that a lot. Now she is snuggling in her crib with her little blanket teddy's (2 of them). She loves to sleep with her face covered as you have seen in numerous photos.

Aunt Barbie (my sister) came over today to see Kennedi (and Conner and Avery of course). She needed her baby fix and Kennedi fulfills that! She always comes with camera in hand and she sent me the link to the pictures she took today and they are WONDERFUL! I am waiting for her to email some so I can post them. I will get them on as soon as I get them.

Chris had to work today but at least he is close (at Fayette). He gets off at midnight and I know he is TIRED. He has worked late almost every night this week. That is rough when you get off at midnight or so and then have to drive an hour home. So I like it when he works his PT in Fayette and only has a 20 minute drive home. Either way I guess I am asleep every night.

Well I guess that is all for my 6 month check update. Time to go get comfy and watch a little television before I fall asleep.

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Nancy said...

That's too funny... Dave and I play the guessing game with Noah's weight/height too at appointments! Occasionally my mom gets in on it too.