Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Update....

I think I need to type fast today since naps have been very short today. Last Friday I took Kennedi to get her 6 month pictures taken and this morning we both went to preview them and decide what to get. I hate this part because the photographers we use are awesome and there are so many pictures to choose from. These pictures were incredible. She has such a great personality that comes through in every picture. This was the last sitting for the naked pictures and they were so cute. I did not realize how chunky she is until I saw the pictures of her sitting there in nothing but the bow in her hair. Hopefully soon we will be able to get all the kids pictures taken to add them to the family album!

Yesterday Avery started lacrosse practice. He was so excited to finally be playing again!! He did a great job. Many of the kids he played with last year have moved up to the U15 age group while Avery is in the U13 still. It was nice to look out on the field and see that Avery was not the only little one out there! I can't wait until this season starts and we are traveling around Atlanta watching his games!! When we got home from practice we were rushed to get dinner and then relax a for a few before it was bedtime. Kennedi had not even eaten so Conner stepped up and fed her. It was so cute watching this!! Avery wanted to feed her too so I had to tell him he could do it later. Maybe tonight he will still want to feed her. The boys love her so much, I know I say that every blog almost but I was so worried for a long time that they wouldn't have much to do with her. I am so thrilled that it has been just the opposite and that we can joke about how the boys fight over her and how we have to time each one holding her many days so that there is not an argument about how one got her longer than the other!
Sunday, Conner had his first baseball scrimmage of the year. It is amazing to see how much has changed since last spring. He was hitting the ball great!! Two solid hits (and a strike out)!! he played a lot of second base where he had some great tags and then he ended with catching. This is another position he loves but me not so much! I get a little nervous when that bat is swinging above his head!!
Well we take Kennedi to her 6 month appointment on Thursday morning. She has been so fussy lately and I know this weekend is going to bring it on even more since she will be getting more shots. I can't wait to see how much she weighs and how long she is! I think she is tall for her age but I am just going by the pants she wears that now would have to be considered Capri's.
OK well time is up! Kennedi is up crying again, this one was a 45 minute nap, longest one of the day!! I hope y'all have a great day and I will post again on Thursday.

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Nancy said...

That is so sweet the boys are involved with their baby sister!