Friday, February 27, 2009

Warm days and storms...

you are never too young to wear some beads... Happy Mardi Gras!!

What a great day it was here in Atlanta yesterday! The weather was beautiful and Chris was off of work (which does not happen on a weekday too often). We were so productive while the boys were in school. We took the hard top off the jeep and put the soft top on, washed both cars and sat and waited on the insurance adjusters to give us the estimate on the storm damage we had last week. Oh yeah.. and dog guard came and moved the invisible fence to the backyard. Chris was a little pissed about the dogs (or dog) digging in the front flower beds.
While we were getting everything done, Kennedi was taking her morning nap or sitting in her little car. She LOVED the car!! It was a gift from one of the nurses that Chris works with (Thanks Tammy... she loved it). I thought she was going to be too little for it since it did say 12 month and up but I was wrong (yet again). We took a short walk and she put her hand on the steering wheel as if she was really steering the car. It was great! Here are some pictures of Kennedi enjoying her little car...
I am ready for a drive Daddy!!

our little girly girl!! Wow I hope that changes a little as she gets older!!

Here we go!!

Well I mentioned the insurance people coming out for a little visit... For those of you that do not live in the area I will update quick on that. Last Wednesday we spent most of the evening under tornado warnings. Those of you who know me well know that I am scared to death of storms and unfortunately passed that down to Avery!! Well, Avery saw the warnings on TV and started to get a little worried... OK a lot worried!! I actually was not worried about this storm and told Avery so. Tornado warnings and watches are not unusual down here (its a little early for them). I just figured this would be another thunderstorm and would pass quickly. I was right about it passing quickly!! The sky got all weird and I went on the back deck and heard a tornado siren (I think from the next town over) my neighbor was coming up the road on his bike and I didn't think too much of it. Ave asked if we could go into the basement. I gave in and he gathered some things to bring down to keep him busy and I grabbed the cat (Conner had Kennedi). We got everyone downstairs for what I figured was going to be more of a drill and I headed back up to get a bottle and some food for Kennedi. As soon as I got upstairs I heard really loud noises on the roof and looked outside to see HUGE balls of hail!! I have never seen hail this big before in my life. I thought for sure we would have broken windows and everything else!
Here is the hail in the backyard.. taken from the basement window.... Conner has the softball sized hail in his hand. This was a little while after the storm. It was the oddest shape and very sharp.
As fast as it came in, the storm was over....
Ends up we are getting one side of the house resided and a new roof, along with some other things here and there. Ugh it is way too early in the season for this but so far our insurance company has been great!! Oh.. did I mention that Chris was at work during the storm?? Lucky him, well lucky car!!
Hopefully we will have some tales to tell about baseball this weekend and Avery's first lacrosse game of the season that is supposed to be tomorrow... until then.. have a great weekend!!


Nancy said...

Holy cow! That is HUGE hail! Glad everything is going to work out with the insurance people.

Barbie said...

Your comment about your "girly girl", won't last long, with two brothers all those darn male cousins she has, none of the girls in our family are very "girly girl", well Cait's a cross between both, but really less than more.