Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in Georgia!!

You never know about this Georgia weather! It is warm and sunny near the 70's one day and then snowing the next. I always say that Georgia is the only state you need a winter coat in the morning and in the afternoon you can be out in your bathing suit. We did not just have snow today, we had thunder snow! That is a new term to me but in the middle of the snow storm we had thunder and lightning. I don't know, I always thought snow in the winter and thunderstorms in the summer. I guess it goes back to my winter jacket and bathing suit thought.
The boys had a blast playing in the snow, they made a snowman and snow angels which I have not loaded onto the computer yet. Kennedi was not too sure about it all. She loved to look at the snow falling from the window. I have decided that I need to get a few sleds for the house in case of emergencies. I just do not know if they are anywhere to be found in the south.
Here is the front of the house and the snow..
Hey mom... look at me!!
Mom, its too cold to look!!
Avery going down the hill

Hey.. who said southerners can't drive in the snow??
Conner busting his bottom going down the hill
My 3 angels about to play in the snow..

Hey mom.. I can't put my arms down!!
This is a baby straight out of A Christmas Story!
Well I guess that is it for now. They just announced that schools are closed tomorrow so I am sure the kids are going to have a blast playing in the snow for another day... or whatever is left of it!!
Happy Sunday!!

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