Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Tooth!!

First things first, we have our first tooth!! I noticed it 2 days ago and I am still trying to get a picture of it. Kennedi won't let me see it too long. I did notice today when she was eating lunch that it looks like another one is very close behind. I guess that would explain the fussiness the past 2 weeks or so. I just wish that would also explain the lack of a long nap the past few days. It seems like just when I get into something for myself when she is napping, I hear her in the crib. I did get to finish a book and i really want to catch up on her scrapbook. I guess little by little it will get done.
Sunday night I looked out Kennedi's window when I was about to put her to bed and I saw this. I did not know that the boys (I am guessing Avery) made the snow angel earlier that day. It was so pretty and of course I had to get some pictures.
Yesterday after Kennedi woke up from her crap nap I decided to go through her clothes and put away everything that is too small for her. Being that she is wearing a 12 month right now and I still had some 3-6 month out for her it was time. She played on her floor (she loves her toys) while I did that. As I was going through her clothes I saw a lot of 12 month hand me downs. Now when I say hand me downs I mean LONG time ago. Most of them were from my niece Caitlyn (who is now 16) but I found out last night that my other two nieces, Amanda and Natalie also wore some of them. At what point are they going to be antiques since Amanda 24 (or close to it). The outfit below is one of those hand me downs. I am going to have to take a picture of each outfit when she wears them.
I put a lot of clothes in to the first consignment sale last weekend. When I went back to get what did not sell there were not many items left. YES!!! I am holding on to most of the baby things and clothes until Chris and I decide if Kennedi is going to be the last or not.
I suppose that it all for now. It is supposed to be in the 70's here this weekend which is wonderful because Conner has a baseball tournament and Avery a lacrosse game. Spring is finally here!! Well at least in the sports sense it is!!

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I remember that one!!Oh my goodness, Memories