Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's get the prayers going....

Yesterday Conner came home to tell me that Abby A, a girl we have known forever was diagnosed this week with osteosarcoma. Abby and Conner have been buddies since they were about a year and a half old. They lived across from us in our old neighborhood and they live in the same neighborhood we are in now. Abby is just 5 months older than Conner and is a 9th grader at the high school. I do not know a lot at the moment and did not want to keep her dad on the phone for long but I wanted to let him know that we would be praying them. I did get that it is in her knee and that there is a course of action in place. I hope to get updates from time to time and pass them on so that we can all see how the power of prayer can work!!
Get those prayer chains in full gear!!



Nancy said...

Praying in PA!

Barbie said...

Praying Peachtree City too