Friday, March 27, 2009

This week in review..

Well its Friday and its raining once again. It seems like every other weekend we have rain. I am sure that Avery's lacrosse game will be cancelled tomorrow as well as Conner's opening day. I am really ready to spend all day on Saturday at the ball fields (and no that is not sarcasm). I guess we have to wait a few more weeks for that.
We are off the next two weekends because of spring break. Actually we are all going to head up to the beach. I can't wait! Chris has a week off (its a miracle) and he needs it. He has been taking only one and sometimes two days off a week for a few months.
Kennedi is really a ton of fun! She literally does something new everyday. This week she learned a lot of new noises and smacking her lips and its hilarious to watch her. Some of the noises she makes are so cute and I can't even mimic them. The other day she was sitting on the floor playing with this big wood block thing she has and when I looked up at her she was kneeling. I out her back sitting and watched as she pulled herself up to a kneel. I guess she could not reach the top of the toy sitting so she wanted to get closer. She has been pulling herself to a stand using my fingers ahead of her but this was the first time I saw her do it on something all by herself. Another new thing is that she now will get on all fours and rock. Chris thinks that she is going to take off crawling any time now. I am hoping not!!
I think that is all that is going on for now. I saw that I had not posted in awhile and wanted to add the little that was going on this week.
Have a great weekend....

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