Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We interrupt Wordless Wednesday to bring you an actual blog...

UPDATE--- read original post 1st if you havent already

I wrote this whole original post before I told Conner, he was still at school. Well..... I told Conner about his mole. Gotta love that kid! He is such a brave and strong kid. His reaction was, "ok". I thought maybe that was his initial shock and let him process it and then talked more about it to him but again he was confident. He said, well they said it was not cancer, they will cut it out to be sure its all gone and I know it would have taken years to turn into cancer. Its fine. The doctor will do his job. Then he added, "but mom, I am glad I had them take it off"... ME TOO! Made me want to cry!! His dream is to be a doctor one day.... I think he is going to stick with that dream and make one hell of a doctor!!


Whew... what a day, or half day I guess. It seems like I have said that a few times the past few weeks. Today started with me having to go get a new tire for the car. Yes, the new (to us) car. Apparently Chris ran over something going to work and when he came out of work last night he had a flat. Better him than me since I have no idea how to change a tire!! But anyway, I took it and of course it was too close to the sidewall so we had to buy a new tire. Frustrating!! What is odd is what was in the tire. When they pulled it out it appears to be a claw of some sort. A CLAW!! I have no idea from what, there is no telling. You would understand if you ever drove the country roads between Newnan and Thomaston. We (Kennedi and I) got that done and headed home. Whew! She was such a good girl while we had to wait.

A few weeks ago Conner (my 14 year old) went to the dermatologist to get a wart removed. Not the first time but while we were there he asked the PA about a mole that was on his elbow. The PA looked at it, said it looks OK but Conner could either remove it or watch it. The PA did mention that the borders were a little asymmetrical but not much at all. Conner, being the brave kid he is told the PA to go ahead and remove it. Thank God Conner did that!! This morning BEFORE heading out to deal with the tire, I got a call from the dermatologist. Of course I freak out right away because I remember them saying if everything is OK they will mail out a letter. The PA got on the phone with me and explained that the mole that Conner had removed was a “bad mole”. He did say (many times) throughout the conversation that it was NOT CANCEROUS. He told me not to get Conner worried because it was not cancer. I heard that each time he said it but it didn’t ease my mind too much.

The whole time he was talking to me he was very nice(the PA). He answered questions that I had, of course I could not tell you any of the questions, let alone the answers. He read to me directly from the lab report. The report told that the mole was moderately dysplastic. I was told they range from mildly to severely. The PA did say, that it was not cancerous but it was the type of mole that can (not will) turn into melanoma if gone untreated. Of course we are going to treat it all right away. The next thing we do is go back to the dermatologist and see the doctor in 2 weeks. The Dr. will cut open the area and clear the margins. Most of the margins are clear according to the pathology report but I guess they need to go deeper. The doctor will go in and dig and get it all out and then Conner will be done, with a few stitches. What is it with my kids and elbows?? This one is on the forearm up by the elbow! He is also going to get all his moles checked and hopefully they will take off any that are suspicious. He will have to go back every 6 months for awhile and then yearly. Poor Conner, he is the one that ALWAYS re-applies the sunscreen and has become really conscience of the sun. He has said within the last few months that he doesn’t want the damage that comes with sun burns. I guess in a way that is too late. At least now we can watch and remove and catch everything early. He has had his share of burns when he was younger but not in the past few years. I guess I am going to have to get back in there and get myself checked too. I think it is not going to hurt to have Avery do the same.

I am hoping that it’s like the mole they took off my arm when I was around 18. I went back for some rechecks and it has been OK since. I am so thankful that Conner is so relaxed and was like.. OK just take it off so I don’t have to worry about it!!
So now more than ever, when you are outside in the sun, no matter how long... WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!!!

OK now on the Kennedi front. It really seems like there is something new every day!! Today we were sitting on the floor of her bedroom getting ready to change her when she woke up and she started to clap. I was just wondering when that would happen. She would watch when we clap but never even tried to make the movement. Well today she did it over and over and over and over again. I think she clapped steady for about 30 minutes. She continues to pull herself up on EVERYTHING! She will grab the ring on the entertainment center. You know the ones that pull drawers out. Well she grabs that and pulls up. I can't wait to see what is new tomorrow!!


Nancy said...

Conner rocks! He is one grown up dude!

I think you should get the claw put on a chain for a necklace!

I think we should get K & N the clapper so they can turn off their own lights!

Kristin said...

Yeah for Conner! And a great reminder to me to get myself checked again. Me and my light Irish skin...who only burns and never tans...and has millions of freckles.