Tuesday, May 5, 2009

While you were away.....

Well there is really nothing much to report. Last night we went to Conner's Junior Beta Club induction. I got a few pictures from that but my camera is not that great anymore and is horrible with inside shots. I kept pushing the button to take the pictures but it would not take so of course I missed him getting the certificate. Just another reason why I am saving up for another camera. Still working on how to save up for it but I guess it helps that this morning the news did give a salary to Stay at home moms. $127,000 a year is the figure they came up with. Wow I could buy a few cameras with that!! Now how do I collect??
Anyway, back to the blogging (or lack there of). My parents went to the beach for a month. They left 2 weeks ago and are really worried that by the time they got back (in just a month) that Kennedi would have gone off to college already. I have gotten and email (or two) and a call (or two) telling me that I need to update the blog WITH PICTURES. I think that is the price they pay for spending a month relaxing in the warm sun, feet in the sand and enjoying the ocean's waves! OK more like spending a month slaving at the house getting it ready for the rental season. So.. this one's for you!!


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. The boys look great too, but they don't grow as quickly as Kennedi.
Feet in the sand, my foot!
We've washed down the walls, washed most of the bedspreads/comforters, pillows. purchased new pillows and spreads.
washed blinds, screens windows and painted the screen doors and some entrance doors. Still have more painting and cleaning. Tell me where's the sand? That most be the soft stuff we take our walks on.
Now I have read four books.
Take care Love to all
Mom and Dad

Nancy said...

The boys are so handsome!