Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh What A Night...

..late December back in '63

oh wait that's not right, that's a song..How about...Oh What A Day!! I am worn out!! Poor Chris had to work the 5pm to 3am shift again today. As of right now he is there and only 3 hours into the shift. Whew.. better him than me!!

I decided a few weeks back to take the boys (and Kennedi) to the Georgia Tech baseball game. I figured this was a good one to go to since 1)Chris had to sleep all day and the kids and I would be gone so he could do that and 2)It was a game that Chris would not be able to go to since he had to work and he REFUSES to go to Tech for anything unless they are playing Georgia.

I had never been to a college baseball game and the boys have been asking all season to go to a tech game. I think they also wanted to go because they have 2 cousins that go there and they are so proud of them! One of those is who Conner wants to be just like. Hmmmm.... yeah I think that is a good thing! Its funny, he did a project in school at one point in the past couple of years and it asked who his role model was. He stated that it was David, his cousin. David goes to Tech... Conner wants to go to Tech. David wants to go to med school... Conner wants to go to med school (I think Conner wanted med school before he knew David did but it still adds to it). David wants to go into orthopedics... Conner wants to do the same (whew since he really wanted to go into neuro-surgery at one point... THANK YOU DAVID!!).

OK now back to the college baseball game. We went down to Tech today and met David (imagine that) and Karen (my sister, Davids mom). It was a great game! I had thought that it was going to get rained out but not even close. It drizzled for about 2 minutes. It was very HOT out there!! The boys enjoyed the game and although I wish the ending was different, it was a great game! I think I may like college games a little better than pro games. You are so much closer to the field, they are so exciting and I guess it helps that these kids want to be out there, its still fun for them and are OK with not making millions of dollars. I just wish that I had brought my camera!

I hope Conner got a little inspired. He did say he watched the way the teams warmed up and it was amazing how organized they are! I did catch him really paying attention to the game and the players. I think it was a good move taking him down there because a college game is a little more realistic than the pro games for these kids. Not that he is going to play in college but I know he would love it if that is the path he decides he wants to take.

Kennedi did a pretty good job. Poor baby did not have a nap all day until the ride home. I guess I need to say she was VERY good considering that. She got to eat some new foods too. I am not sure if I had mentioned that she is really starting to boycott baby food. She will eat a little of it but nothing like she used to. Today she got a taste of hot dog and bun. Don't worry it was a teeny piece of hot dog and it was almost like I chewed it up first (it was that soft and little) and she had rice too. She is a PIG!

Now we are back home and Conner is waiting for a friend to get here and I am waiting to be done with this blog so I can head up to bed (and its only 8:10pm). I am so tired.... Oh yeah.... yes dad I did sunscreen all the kids up. While in the process of that I forgot to sunscreen myself so my face is a little crisp but I got the important ones! There is no way that I could allow Conner to get even a little pink with him going to the Dermatologist on Wednesday for his procedure.
I guess that is all for today. I am sure at some time tomorrow I will post about Mother's Day but in case I don't get a chance...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mom's out there. Even the ones that are sitting at the beach house, doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and enjoying the sand, sun and water... you know who you are (and I think there maybe more than one up there at the moment)! I hope y'all enjoy your VACATION!!

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