Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day....

Mother's Day was great this year! It started pretty early. Apparently Kennedi did not get the memo telling her that this is one of the days she is supposed to sleep late. Usually she sleeps until at least 8am but today she was up before 7am. Normally I would have kicked Chris and made him get up with her since it was Mother's Day but he got a free pass today since he didn't get off work until 3am. Chris did not sleep in too late. He made eggs and bacon for all of us before we headed out to mass. It was really good!!

We relaxed most of the day. We also tried to take a nap when Kennedi was napping but with three other kids in the house (Conner had a friend over) it was impossible to get any shut eye. Later this afternoon Chris grilled some steaks that we had gotten and I made some veggies to go with them. It was a great dinner!! I opted for this instead of going out for mom's day since all the restaurants are way too packed! It was a very relaxing day.

The last part of the day the boys wanted to take me out for ice cream. I think this was the best part of the day. We all got our favorites and Kennedi loved the free baby cone from Brewster's. I thought that I was taking a video of her eating it at one point but then I looked down and it was not recording. I did start to record after that but I missed the best part. It was hilarious and I am so mad it did not record. She had the cone over her nose and mouth trying to get the ice cream. Very cute! But I did get these two pictures of her eating her first ice cream cone.

Here is one of the videos of Kennedi eating her first ice cream cone. I really do think that she liked it!

Before the boys left for the week at their father's house we took a few pictures of me with the kiddies.... I forgot my hair was up in the pony tail and we were laughing in most of them. Its hard to get a serious picture taken with the crew I have!! They drive me are nuts at times but they are the best kids in the world. I would not trade them in for anything!!

Here is Conner, the one that made me a mommy!!

And then Avery came along and Conner became a brother...

Then last summer came Kennedi and wow does she have her brother's wrapped!!

The boys just left for the week and soon Kennedi will be in bed (I hope). I guess it is going to be an early night for me. I am surprised that Chris is still awake. Three more days until Conner's procedure on his arm to get the rest of the mole that was removed a couple weeks ago. He has already informed me that he will still play in his baseball game on Thursday. I hope that he will be up to it!!! Keep him in your prayers this week that it won't be too painful for him when its over.

Oh I almost forgot another first for Kennedi. Yesterday Avery walked crawled up the stairs and Kennedi saw him do this. Well guess who else now climbs up the stairs!! I really need to get gates for at least the bottom of the steps. Seeing it one time she had it figured out!! Not good!!

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Nancy said...

Happy Mother's Day! Looks like a great day.