Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The two boys.....

Ahh the end of the school year is approaching. The next few weeks we have numerous school functions to attend. Last night was the spring strings concert for Avery. This year he started taking guitar as a class (yeah can you believe its a class?!). They have the Christmas and the Spring concert. I have to admit that I really was not looking forward to this last night. After it I have to admit it was a lot better than I thought. All the kids did a really good job!!

Next week with have the 8th grade honors night as well as the 8th grade semi-formal. I guess its pretty much over after that. Conner went to block scheduling for the last 4 weeks of school. That is what they do in high school here so they wanted the kids to get used to it. For those of you not on blocks or who do not have kids in high school, they have 4 classes each 9 weeks. The classes are like 1 hour 40 minutes a day. I love the idea!! There is time to review, teach and then ask questions. Conner is really enjoying it. He does say that if he gets a teacher he doesnt like too much it could be a long 9 weeks. I guess that is true so we will cross our fingers that he will like all his teachers.

Today we had Conner's dermatologist appointment. He did really well. The incision was about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. He has 3 stitches in and 6 outside. Hopefully they got clear margins!!! Dr.L was great!! I had never seen him before but heard so many good things about him. He spoke to Conner about what he was going to do and why they were doing it. Conner was really relaxed (or he faked it well). He told Conner once again that it was NOT cancer but that they have different classifications and his came back severely dysplastic (I thought it was moderate). Anyway, he told him that it still would have been a little while until it turned into cancer but it was the type of mole that looked like it would have tried. After it was done, Conner asked to see the chunk of skin that was taken out. Of course they showed him! What kid wants to see that!?!?! They will sent it away to make sure the margins are clear and we go back in 2 weeks to get the stitches out and at that time Dr. L will check the moles on Conner's back to make sure that they are all ok.

So I guess for now that is all we have on the homefront. Conner is enjoying a day off of school. He will go back tomorrow and all will be back to normal.. well as normal as they get for good ole Conner!!

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