Monday, May 18, 2009

The end is almost here!!!!

Only 8 more school days to go! I do not know who is more excited to sleep in, the boys or me!! I knew that I needed to sit down and do some blogging tonight but I made the mistake of reading another blog that I stalk keep up with. Of course being an elementary teacher, Kristin is all kinds of creative. I am thinking that since she is off all summer, maybe I will pay her to start writing my blogs for me. You can see why here!!! Its a great blog!! I can read it and see what I have in store for me in the upcoming years!!

I am really trying to think back on the weekend to write on anything that happened.... hmm... IT RAINED!! I do not know how many years we have been hearing about what a horrible drought we are in. Well, I really think that the drought is WAY over and the river that was running through my front yard and down the side proves it! I had to swim through it to get the mail the other day (and it was cold)! I do like the rain and I do understand that we need it but it is getting really old. I guess the rain is on the same schedule as Conner's baseball games. We have had more rain outs (and rain outs get rained out) than we have played. I hope we are able to get all the games in that we need to before the middle of summer!

Tonight was the 8th grade honors night for Madras. Wow.. these kids are amazing. I got my invitation in the mail a couple of weeks ago that told me that my child was going to receive an award so of course we went. Conner got a certificate for all A's and B's. GREAT JOB CONNER!!! It took FOREVER for all the kids that have earned the award to be announced. There are some smart kids at that school!! I am very proud of Conner and his accomplishments in middle school. He has grown up so much in the past three years. It is amazing to see the young man that he is turning into while at the same time keeping those moments of the little boy. He loves to stand next to me now. Of course when he is next to me he stands as tall as he can and has that proud look on his face. You know the "I am finally taller than you" look. Why is it when boys hit this they have that look of accomplishment?!?! It cracks me up!

Avery has his awards program next week sometime. We are not sure if he will be getting an award. He had a little slip in the 2nd nine weeks and got a 79 in a class. I have really been proud of him since that because he has been doing Awesome!! We even got CRCT scores back this week and Avery is not a great test taker (he gets that from his mom) and he passed the CRCT with flying colors!! He has really done a lot of growing up in 6th grade. It is kind of sad to see my little Avery growing up!! To think in a week I will have a high schooler, middle schooler and then an almost 1 year old... oh help me!!!


Kristin said...

Whoo hoo for Conner!! And Avery? Excellent!

Isn't it wild to think about having kids in high school, middle school, and not in school? It blew me away.

Nancy said...

Yay Conner and Avery! You guys ROCK!