Friday, May 22, 2009

Conner and Baseball!!

Wow what a night for baseball!!

Before the game started, well all day actually, it did not look good for last nights game. It rained most of the day, it was not heavy, just steady. It was raining pretty good when we got to the fields and I think we were all hoping that this would not be rained out. We have so many games to make up already, we do not need another. Next week we have 3 games, the week after 3 more (those are 3 days in a row) and the week after that we have 1. That will mark the end of regular season and then its practice for post season.

Anyway, last night a little before the game started it suddenly cleared. The sun came out and it was a wonderful night for baseball. I am sure you can already tell that we did win the game (YAY NATIONALS!) but it seemed like everyone on the team were on fire behind at the plate!! Conner went 3-3 with 4 RBI's. He hit in the winning (OK not winning but last) runs of the game. He had a single, and 2 doubles. The last double was actually a triple but the other coach came out on the field and said that the next run scored was the end of the game. Yeah I guess he basically quit. The score was only like 11-7 (or something like that) at the time and we had plenty of time left to play. So they intentionally walked the batter before Conner. So that left Conner up, runners on 1 and 2nd (which both stole to make it 2nd and 3rd) and two outs. I want to throw up every time Conner is in this position but it was not as bad last night because we were ahead. But anyway, I do not remember what the count was but Conner NAILED the ball. I mean NAILED. If you have watched Conner play he is a consistent on base hitter but not an extra base hitter (until recently). The ball went OVER the left fielders head (SWEET)!!

So Conner sits and watches the ball for a minute (I wont comment on that part) and runs to first (and I wont add that he got really cocky and pointed to the dugout on his way). He then took off towards second and then third where he slid into third and it was kinda a close play (but not really). He was called out. Not even close to being out. But after the game come to find out the game was over anyway so they called Conner out at 3rd anyway. Luckily it was scored as a double so he got the hit to go 3-3. Hmm maybe if they would have kept going and he got up again he would have gotten a home run and hit for the cycle (OK so maybe that is stretching it a little but I can hope).

Ahhh now to soak and wash those nasty, dirty baseball pants.... I really believe that whoever thought of the idea of white baseball pants never slid!!

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Kristin said...

No kidding. Why did someone get the bright idea to have white baseball pants? Katie's boyfriend is the starting pitcher for NG so I've been attending his games. His mom has been telling me how hard it is to keep the uniform clean!!

Great game, Conner!