Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wow... Stellan's story...

It is really amazing how once you start to blog you get connected to blogs through other blogs. One that I have come to read almost everyday is written by a mother of 4. She is really amazing and so is her youngest. This is a blog that I have mentioned before and its about Stellan. Click here to go and read the blog. I guess when you find a blog that you can make a connection with you just keep reading. The connection here is with babies. Kennedi and Stellan are only a couple months apart. I am so thankful that Kennedi is such a healthy baby but its sad to think that not all babies are. There is so much out there that is out of our hands! There was a news story done last night about Stellan by their local news and it was fantastic. Of course it is extremely hard to watch without getting teary but I wanted to share it with everyone. This will take you to the story. Makes you want to just grab your little babies and give them an extra special hug tonight!!

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Nancy said...

I am hooked on following Stellan too! I can't remember how I started... maybe through you? Or Jonah's blog (which was through you). It does make me so thankful for Noah's health.