Friday, May 22, 2009

8th grade dance...sniff sniff...

Let me wipe the tear out of my eye.... Tonight I sent Conner off to his 8th grade dance. I have to say that I have dreaded this dance for the past 3 years. Not only because it meant he was done with middle school and really really close to high school but because it is such a big deal to these kids!! I had said for 3 years... NO he is not making a big deal out of this, NO we are not going to do the many pictures that come with dances and most of all NO he will NOT be going in a limo... GRRRRRR ok so out the window all that went!!!

Conner came home on day from school and said, "Mom, I am going to go to the dance". Now this was after he didn't think he wanted to go. I told him ok and asked him who he was going with. Was he going to have a date? A group of guys? What? Well, wrong again mom!! He told me, "I am going to go with a group of like 6 girls". Hmmmm ok. And then of course I ask the list of girls (the good part of having worked at the school almost his whole middle school life). He rattled of the names and I was impressed. He was going with 6 GREAT girls!! He then told me that there was another boy going with them too.... my 3rd son Andrew. You gotta know Andrew... he is a TRIP. Those girls were probably laughing the whole time. You get Conner and Andrew together and its non-stop laughter!!

Anyway, a few days later when I asked him if he knew any of the plans for the dance he went ahead and broke the news to me.... "We are going in a limo" and then told me the cost. Hmmm did I mention that we were not going to make a big deal and we were not going to get a limo??? Ok so I guess I was wrong!! How do I tell my child that he was not going to go in a limo with 6 girls??? Yeah so he is in the limo (oh and yes there was an adult in the limo also. One of the mom's was brave enough to keep the kids in check in the limo and then dinner). Oh yeah... I had not gotten to the dinner part yet!

So yes, not only were they dressing up, getting a limo, taking pictures at the house, taking pictures outside where it seems like everyone takes their dance pictures now, going to the dance, and then going to dinner after the dance. Thankfully the dance is over at 9:30!!

Right now it is 9:30... so far no call from Conner telling me he had a great time. I don't guess I will get one (but it sure would be nice since he is going to his dad's after it's all over). Ahhh the life of the mom of a teenager. I am not real sure I like it but I guess I need to get over that. Its going to happen whether I want it to or not!!

The girls looked beautiful!! Andrew and Conner clean up pretty good! Ahhh those poor girls!!

Well here are a few pictures....

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Anonymous said...

Now you can see why Kennedi will be such a blessing to you Mom, When those older ones grow and leave the nest, you will have Kennedi for a long time. Look what you have to look forward to.