Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just another video

I just had to take am minute to post this video from last night. After Chris got off of work he met me at Conner's baseball game. We finally got to play another game after so many rainouts!! Chris stopped at Subway and got a couple of subs. He got one with spicy mustard on it and Kenendi being the big eater she is wanted some of Daddy's food. Chris broke off some pieces and game them to her and she did not seem to mind the spicy mustard at all. I am waiting on the after effects today.. ick! I guess Kennedi was not satisfied with the way Chris was feeding her..... enjoy!!

Conner's team won the game last night. YAY Nationals!!! We still have 2 more games this week. I hope they continue to play like they played last night. The game went all 7 innings, which is very rare since we also have a time limit. It was a pretty close game until one of the last innings and we pulled ahead by about 7 runs (I think). We almost let it go but ended up winning 8-5. GREAT GAME!!

Avery is done with Lacrosse and I think he is enjoying a little down time and being able to be a kid again. 12 days left of school and that can't end soon enough!!!