Sunday, June 28, 2009

ahhh the weekend!!

It takes so long for weekends to get here and when they do they go by way to fast! Chris was off yesterday so we had a date day. We have not left Kennedi behind to do something fun as a couple since the UGA vs Auburn football game the second weekend in November. I guess we were due!

It so happens that we were due on the weekend that Boston was in town playing the Braves! What a series!! Now I am a Braves fan but when the Orioles and Boston are in town I do pull for them. I guess growing up in Baltimore and going to Memorial Stadium and later Camden Yards will do that to you. The Boston liking I guess I get from my boys. They have been Red Sox fans since, well, birth. I guess their dad got to them before I did with baseball and got them really into the Red Sox.
We got up and dressed Kennedi into a really cute outfit! I have been waiting all summer for her to wear this outfit and it finally arrived!! Isn't she just too cute in her little Boston dress with that huge bow in her hair!! Yes, I do know the bow is as big as her head but hey, after having 2 boys I am loving that I can put them on her head!! I think she looks so old in this picture.
Here is our little cheerleader... This is about the only time she will be a cheerleader (we hope) unless its Halloween... I cant wait to sign her up for soccer and lacrosse and softball and swimming and whatever else she wants to try (but not too soon). But, for now we will let her be a cheerleader.
Chris and I got tickets for yesterdays game and of course he wore his Braves hat and I put on Avery's Red Sox hat. We went to lunch before hand at a sports bar in Atlanta that was very good. We were stuffed and ended up not eating dinner.
Turner Field was PACKED! There were more Red Sox fans there than Braves fans, which I guess is kinda sad but it was fun. Our seats were great and the usher (an older man) kept us very entertained. It was so hot the whole game... I had my first beer in a year and a half. I have to say it tasted very good!!
The game was pretty boring. I wanted to good close game but I also wanted some scoring. As you can see there was not much of that!
But we survived and the Red Sox came out on top. I was even a good fan and did not run it in to Chris after the game. I think it was just way too hot and I wanted to get into the jeep and the A/C.
Today the boys are going to the game with their dad and I hope they get to see a good game. I am sure they are decked out in their Boston jerseys and hats looking very cute!
I guess it is back to reality. Chris is back to work, I have cleaned the basement (well one room of it) and Kennedi is up in her crib sleeping soundly. The boys come home tonight and we will enjoy a week at the pool and mentally prepare to run the Peachtree Road Race on Saturday (a 10K through a part of Atlanta). Its so much fun and I hate every minute I am running it! It should be a lot better this year since it is not just me running but also Chris, Conner and Avery!! Whew!!

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Nancy said...

Yay for date day! Kennedi looks like such a big girl in that outfit, she's so cute!