Friday, June 12, 2009

more baseball

I feel like there have been so many baseball posts in the past few weeks. I guess when your son is in the middle (or end) of his season this tends to happen.

Conner finished up his rec league season this week. Wednesday was the big game we were all waiting for. Unfortunately, we lost... we had a few errors that game and of course when you make too many of those you are not going to win. Oh well. It was a tough loss but you got to get over that quickly and focus on the next thing.

And that next thing is more baseball!!

Conner's rec team entered into a tournament this weekend in the town next to us. We have a game Friday night (tonight) at 8:30 and then again Saturday night at 7:00. From there it will depend on how we do in these two game. I have not looked at the brackets to see Sunday's possibilities. I am excited to go watch these games. I like to play against teams that we do not play against in the league. We get to see what else is out there. The bad part of that is that many of the teams we face are tournament teams where most of the time there are try outs and they choose the best kids. Other times they are all star teams where once again they have the top kids. Our team is a rec team that played together all season so that kinda makes each win a little better!!

After this weekend it is still not clear if the team is going to states or not. At one point we were and then I heard we were not. I guess it will be a last minute things. After states usually the season is over.... but not for Conner!!!

Conner has decided to play on a tournament team through the summer and fall. Yes, you got it... this means we get to spend many weekends at different tournaments. This also means more baseball posts throughout the summer and fall!!

So... this is not near the last ball post of the season but only the beginning!!

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Kristin said...

Oh my, tournament play. Aren't you lucky? :)