Saturday, July 25, 2009

1st official pair of shoes

Since Kennedi is walking all over the place Chris and I decided it was time to get her fitted and get a real pair of shoes for her to wear. She has been wearing her little keds and sandals from time to time but she has not been fitted for a real pair. We took her to stride rite on Friday for their fall sale. When she was measured they told us she should try a 4 1/2. I was a little shocked since she has been wearing size 3. Bad Mommy!!

Daddy is sitting with Kennedi who is waiting to put on her new walking shoes.

Kennedi is looking at the sales girl thinking.. what are you doing to me?? I am not sure I want these things on my feet.

Oh I see, I am able to balance so much better with these on. Maybe they are not so bad after all.

Look Mommy, I'm a big girl now!!

Since we got the shoes Kennedi has been walking all over the place even better than before. She has not tried to take them off and has only untied them once. So far so good!!

New clean, white shoes... but not for long I am sure!!

After we got her shoes we took her to lunch. The boys missed out on this since they were still at home asleep when we left the house. I got Kennedi a quesadilla because that is what she always eats when we go to a Mexican restaurant but yesterday she decided that she did not want that. she wanted mommy's burrito.

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Nancy said...

Yay for new shoes!