Saturday, July 25, 2009

The last few days...

The last few days at the beach were wonderful but may have been a little too quiet! Kennedi was running a fever for a few days. She cut a tooth while we were at the beach and was miserable. Even being miserable she was a trooper.

The water was warm and the sky was clear. The boys got to do a lot of skim boarding and some boogie boarding. I even got in the water a lot with them. One day it was pretty rough but the waves were fun. I was exhausted that evening! Summer of 08 I could not go in the water and have fun like I am used to doing. I was less than a month from my due date and I certainly did not want to give birth at the beach, let alone on the beach!

Kennedi is trying to tell me she is ready to start surfing.... I think I will make her wait a year or two.

Conner is having some sister time. Kennedi loves the time with her brothers.

My sister Barbie was able to have Kennedi sit still long enough to rock her to sleep on the beach. This is rare since Kennedi does not want to miss a thing!

My sisters and I took an evening and went down to the beach to take a few pictures together. Now I thought getting kids to cooperate long enough to get a good picture was hard. I think getting the three of us to have a decent picture taken was even worse! We had 3 cameras and ended up going down to the beach two different times only to find 2 or 3 pictures that were possibly decent enough to print out.

ok so this is not one of them.....

Here is just one of the might be a decent one. I personally did not like any of them but it pictures have inspired me to get my butt back into the gym!!!

With Kennedi having been sick the last few days I was really worried about the drive home. She was not the best traveller on the way up so I was sure we were in for a long ride on the way home. To my surprise, Kennedi was WONDERFUL! I may even have to say she was the best one of the three kids. OK, maybe not. The boys are great travelers and always have been.

I guess that wraps up the beach trip. It was uneventful in a good way! A relaxing almost two week trip that we already look forward to next year!

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