Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today is the 7th so that means....


Today will probably consist of more than one post. I am up early and everyone else is still in bed so I thought I would write a little before they woke up.

I can't believe that Kennedi is 11 months already.

These days are gone.....

And these days have arrived!

I think it is completely amazing the transformation that takes place in such a short time. It really has flown! I look at her and really love the stage she is in right now, well most of the time at least, but I also really miss that little baby she used to be. Even the little baby she used to be when she did not sleep through the night.

She does so much now. She has been taking a lot of steps. Chris will say she is walking now but I still do not really consider it walking. The most she has taken at one time has been 12 steps. She even did some of those on uneven flooring. She went from the hardwood floor to the carpet. I am sure that once she sees two of her cousins walking around at the beach next week she is going to do it a little more.

She will also play with her toys a lot! She has these animals that her brother Dakota used to play with and she likes to hold them and try to figure out what they do. She will move the legs and then throw them (left handed most of the time). One of her favorite toys right now is her Fisher Price Activity Garden. This was a hand me down from Conner and Avery. Conner got this from Santa Clause for his 2nd Christmas. She loves to get the mail out of the mailbox and open and close the door to get in and out of the garden.

Closing doors is also one of her newer things. We have to keep doors closed all the time since she will go into a room, close the door and then sit in front of it so we can't open it to get her out. She is really amazing!

Well I hear a sweet little voice upstairs so I guess my time this morning is over. I will take some pictures and post them later....

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Nancy said...

Wow, I just can't believe she's 11 months old already. It seems like just yesterday that you were pregnant. She is such a beautiful little girl! Love those teeth!