Sunday, July 5, 2009

A very full day!!

Let me start out by saying that I am EXHAUSTED!!! I was going to sit and write this last night but after we got home I was way too tired to do anything. I think we all were.

The alarm went off yesterday at 5:45 am and Chris and I got up and showered and dressed in our running clothes. Then I went down and got the boys up so they could do the same (minus the showers). Kennedi spent the night at Grandma and Papa's for the first time. She did great! On the drive to the Peachtree Road Race the boys were moody! I guess they were regretting singing up for this since they had to get up so early. But they went through with it.

We got on Marta (the first time that Chris has ever ridden it) and it was packed of course. Thankfully it was before the race and not after! And soon arrived at the Lenox Station where we would walk to our time group.

We all started out together and soon got separated. The boys did great. We were holding them back and so we told them to go on and meet up at the meeting place we talked about earlier (for weeks actually). Conner ran the whole 6.2 miles. I am so proud of him for that but also thinking how in the heck when he did not once go out and run to prepare for the race. He was actually the one we picked first to walk. Avery did great also. We told him with about a mile left to go ahead and he took off. I figured Conner was already done and Avery would find him and have someone to wait with. When we got to the meeting spot both kids were sitting there just waiting.

We got home and loaded up the car (I mean loaded). We had stuff for my sisters house and then a wedding to go to later so we brought everything with us. We spent a few hours at my sisters with family. The boys were having a blast and they were in the pool the whole time. Chris appeared to have a great time too. I looked over and there a little more beer in his cup each time so I guess he had a couple of refills. Chris rarely has beer so its fun to watch him partake in the festivities.

I forgot to bring my camera into the house so I got NO pictures of the fun that afternoon. It hit me later and I felt horrible since it was Kennedi's 1st July 4th celebration. Maybe my sister came though and took a few (I am crossing my fingers).

Chris and I left the boys with my sister and headed to the wedding with Kennedi (who had not had her afternoon nap). The wedding was very nice. We put Kennedi in the nursery so I was able to actually see what was going on! Kennedi does not yet realize that church is supposed to be a quiet place. She tries to talk to everyone she sees. Chris and I stayed at the reception for a little while but had to leave early due to a baby that had no afternoon nap, having to pick up the boys in the next town over and starting to get really really sore from running 6.2 miles just a few hours before. Oh let me just add that the groom also ran that same race but seemed to be perfectly fine all throughout the evening. I guess the fact that he is a good number of years younger than us has something to do with it. Oh to be young again!

We headed to my sisters to get the boys and packed up. It was a little early still so we stopped by my other sisters house to see the boys other cousin whom they had not seen in awhile. We got there before Ryan went to bed (thankfully) and the boys had a blast playing with him. They think he is such a cool kid. I really have to agree. He is just about 2 and getting to be really really fun to watch and talk to.

We left a little after nine and headed home. On the way we saw some fireworks being set off so we pulled into a parking lot and watched them. They were the fireworks that Peachtree City does every year. I was a little worried about how Kennedi would react since she was so tired and had never seen them before and she was wonderful. She watched them and was not scared for a second.
Kennedi's first fireworks...
The boys did not want to get out of the car to watch the fireworks. We really did not need to, the view was perfect!
Avery loves to take pictures so he had the camera for most of the time. I dont get into many pictures so here is one of the few.
We watched for a few minutes and the boys got bored. I have to say they were pretty decent this year but they were not the best that I have seen. We headed out and hit the road in front of where they set them off just in time for the finale. That was pretty good!! We watched since all the cars in front of us were stopped (not due to traffic but due to the finale). When it was over we headed home. Traffic free!!

Ahhh the boys are still asleep and Kennedi slept until 9:45. Poor Chris had to get up and be at work at 8am but I have talked to him and he is doing just fine. A little stiff from running but I guess that is to be expected since he is almost 40 and this was his 1st 10K race in many many many many years.

I do have some pictures of the kids at the fireworks and will post them later. I have not put them on the computer yet.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and remembered all the men and women that have made it possible for us to celebrate (and to continue to celebrate) this fun holiday!!

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Nancy said...

Happy 4th of July! Sounds exhausting but full of fun!