Monday, August 10, 2009

12 month well check .....

Chris and I took Kennedi for her 12 month well check on Friday. We were not even thinking when we I was not even thinking when I made the appointment on her actual birthday. What a Happy Birthday huh??? Bad mommy...

She did great! The doctor told us she will be a late bloomer since her soft spot was still open. He said that and I heard Chris let out a big sigh of relief! Dr. J also told us that she is about 96% in height right now and with her being a late bloomer she will most likely be pretty tall. He said probably 5 ft 9in or taller. WOW!!

Kennedi got 3 shots on Friday and then they did a finger prick. The finger prick was to check iron since they are transitioning from the bottle to milk.

By the way... did I mention that the bottle is almost totally gone!?!?! I had said on her 1st birthday it was gone... well Kennedi had one bottle yesterday and so far none today. I had the rule with the boys that formula is in a bottle and milk in a cup. We started to transition her back in July and she has done wonderfully! I may even try to not give her the bedtime bottle (don't worry its not in the crib) tonight to see how she does.. Cross your fingers!!

Her stats were wonderful at her check...

12 months

height 31 3/4 inches
weight 21 lbs 12 oz

getting ready to get weighed

Kennedi giving kisses to the cute baby in the mirror

Kennedi and Daddy... Kennedi wont take her eyes off that cute baby in the mirror

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Nancy said...

Wow! She is a tall girl!