Saturday, November 21, 2009

ahh the weekend!!

This is the 1st weekend in a very long time where we have no sports we need to attend! I have to say it is so nice. Auburn is off (but who wants to see them right now anyway, Conner is done with baseball for the season and Avery's lacrosse ended last weekend).

I guess now my weekends will be filled with Christmas shopping.

Chris and I had two court cases coming up for us. One was with the kids that broke into my old house (that we have on the market) and then one with his ex wife. Earlier this week we had gotten notice from our attorney that we would be heading back to court again for something that Chris' ex-wife took us to court over a year and a half ago. She went to a judge, lied and then got Chris' visitation with his now 6 year old taken away. Hmmm funny thing is that this week we got notice that she dropped the whole thing. So, now we will not be going back to court with her. I guess she pretty much admitted there that she lied about the whole thing. Well that is all done (for now at least). So from here on out his divorce papers and the way they were written are back into place.

With my case on the kids that broke into the house. They had their arraignment this week. I did not have to be there but I got an email later that day saying they had awarded me with the money I wanted back (for repairs that I did and still have to make). So I will have a check coming to me in the very near future!

What a wonderful week in and out of court!!

Now on to the family pictures I wrote about earlier this week. They were a disaster!! There were a few good ones like I thought (the one of Kennedi and Chris was great) but most of them were really, really bad! They gave us a free package because they turned out so bad and we picked a post of the 4 kids. It would be a decent picture if it was not so dark (they had the lights set on the wrong setting, knew it and continued to shoot the pictures). I still have not done anything about getting new ones taken. We wont be able to get them done of everyone since scheduling is impossible so I am going to take Conner, Avery and Kennedi to a park or something this week and try to get some good shots for a Christmas card.

Well time to go do some Christmas shopping since Chris is working all day and the boys are at the dads house. It's girls day at the stores!!!

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Nancy said...

That's great about both court dates. Hope you had fun shopping with your little girl!