Sunday, November 15, 2009

He shoots.... he scores!!

Yesterday we all has such a full day. It was actually almost too full!

Avery had his last lacrosse game of the season. I was really bummed because I love watching him play. This is like his 4th year playing and he has improved so much. He has ALWAYS played defense and for some reason last week his coach put him in attack for a few minutes. I really had no idea what the coach was thinking when he did this but Avery was AMAZING! For someone that had never played attack he was on! He had his first assist and had a few shots but he also had a few incredible catches and plays. When he came out apparently the coach asked him where all that came from. Funny thing was that it was the same thing I was thinking on the sidelines.

As I said, this week was his last game and he got a lot more time in the front. In fact he played attack, middie, and defense in the game. For being my very ADD child, he did an amazing job switching gears between all three positions. At one point he was put in as a long stick middie. He did have a little trouble with this but I think if he played it a little more it would become natural to him. The best part of the game was when Avery SCORED HIS FIRST GOAL EVER!!!!!!! Of course I did not get him shooting on camera (I was too excited) but I did get the ball in the net after the shot. Hey I was not used to having to take a picture while Avery actually shot the ball!!

Here are some pictures from the game.

Avery getting ready to start the game as a middie and take the face off

There is Avery's goal (well the ball in the net). That is not Avery in the picture (he is #3 on white)

Avery almost scored on this play also. He rolled around the defense and shot but it went just to the right.

Avery with his D pole.

Chris was able to get Dakota for the day yesterday also. We were getting a family picture taken (more on the fiasco later). Here is Kennedi and Dakota running around at the game. This was the 1st time that Dakota met his little sister, Kennedi (isn't that horrible?)!

Avery's team won, YAY! It was a great game and a great way to end the season. We cant wait until spring. He is already talking about how he hopes he gets more chances to play attack!!

I will update on the rest of the weekend later.

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Nancy said...

Go Avery! Glad Dakota finally got to meet Kennedi. Hopefully he'll get to see her more.